Paulo Jorge Correia

Paulo Correia

Born in 1966, Faro, Portugal


Academic Background

Licentiateship in Anthropology – FCSH-UNL (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), with distinction (16 out of 20). As a student, he was involved as

  • Member of the organizing committee of the 1st International Congress of Anthropology (FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisbon, 1989).
  • Member of the organizing committee of the Congress of Art History (FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisbon, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 1991)

Frequency of the curricular part of M.A. course in Portuguese Literature (Branch: Oral Literature) in 2003, at the University of Algarve, with distinction.



“Kraftwerk, o rock cibernético”, Eros & Psique, boletim de artes, letras ciências e ideias, Faro, FAOJ, 1986 [also editor]

Programming and Notes on film history for the booklet accompanying the exhibition of the film “Commemoration of a century of Cinema”, University of the Algarve, 1995

“Rise and Fall of Dramatic Art in England (10th to 17th cent.)”; “Life and Work of Shakespeare”; “Some Notes on King Lear” in Booklet accompanying the play King Lear performed by theatre group SINCERA, Faro, 1995 [also coordination]

Translation and notes of Ramón del Valle-Inclán’s “The Horns of Dom Friolera”, Faro, theatre group SINCERA, 1996

“Some data on soviet cinema (1919-1990)” in Booklet form the film cycle They Were All Her Children: Soviet Cinema (Cineclube de Faro, 1996)

Support texts (critical notes on the films and biographies of directors) for the Week of the French Cinema (CineClub de Faro / Ualg, 1997)

From Technology to Ethnology: the Anthropological Cinema of Jean Rouch (licentiateship thesis at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2001).

“Poe’s The Fall of House of Usher” in De Mente nº 1 (Associação d’Agir, Faro, 2003)

“L’Insoutenable Légèreté du Désir: propos sur Nagisa Oshima et L’Empire des Sens” in De_Mente nº 2 (Associação d’Agir, Faro, 2004)

“The Mediterranean Sea: Cinema, Space and Memory” in catalogue for the 1st Festival of Mediterranean Film “Vem Mediterrar” (Faro, 2006)

“The Vampire’s Ball – Guy Maddin’s Dracula” in De_Mente nº 3 (Associação Arquente, Faro, 2007)

Filmar a Luz: Introduction to the Algarve’s history of cinema (Algarve Film Commission, Faro, 2007)

Light and Shadows: German’s cinema during Weimar’s republic (unpublished)


On the film Almadraba Atuneira by António Reis, at Lethes theatre, Faro, 1997

“Um Olhar Longínquo: Japanese Cinema” University of Évora, 2008.


Responsible for the library in a youth-oriented public service (FAOJ), 1986

Member of the board of directors (and also musician) of the Ossónoba Choral Group, 1984-86

Secretary of the General Assembly of Cineclube de Faro (also film commentator in the screenings and writer for the cycle booklets), 1996-2000

Member of the fiscal board of the Algarve Film Commission, 2007 - ...


Research activities

At the Centro de Estudos Ataíde Oliveira (CEAO) of the University of the Algarve, with scholarships for the following projects:

1998- 2001 “Catalogue and Archive of Portuguese Folktales” (Praxis /2/2.1/CSH/709/95).

2003-2006 “Archive of Folktales and Folk-ballads of Oral Tradition” (Sapiens POCTI 71999 ELT 34133/99)

2006-2007 Grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation to add to the catalogue of Portuguese folktales similar versions from Portuguese speaking countries (Brazil, Cape-Verde; Guinea-Bissau; Angola; Mozambique; Goa (India); East Timor).

2007 Classification of folktales in the Catalogue of Folktales from Galicia (Vigo-North of Spain), forthcoming.

2007 - ... “Catalogue and Archive of Portuguese Folk-Legends” (PTDC /ELT / 65673 / 2006)


“O Ladrão da Mão Cortada: comparative analysis of the Iberian corpus of the tale-type AT 956B” in ELO nº 9/10 (CEAO / UAlg, 2003/04)

Review of A Fala e o Gesto: Ensaios de Folkcomunicação sobre Narrativas Populares, by Roberto Benjamim, in ELO nº 3 (CEAO / UAlg, 1997)

Review of Index Tipologic de la Rondalla Catalana” in ELO nº 9/10 (CEAO / UAlg, 2003/04)

Catalogue of Portuguese Folktales, Helsinki, Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 2006 [in collaboration]

Participation in the congress Les Hommes et Les Récits: Reconnaître, Classer, Interpreter, organised by Aboubakr Chraïbi  (Centre de Recherches Moyen-Orient et Méditerranée, Paris, 2007)

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