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The song features music by Richard Wright and non-lexical vocals by Clare Torry. During the first half of it was performed live as a simple organ instrumental, accompanied by spoken-word samples from the Bible and snippets of speeches by Malcolm Muggeridge , a British writer known for his conservative religious views. By September , the lead instrument had been switched to a piano, with an arrangement very similar to the final form but without vocals and a slighty different chord sequence in the middle. Various sound effects were tried over the track, including recordings of NASA astronauts communicating on space missions, but none were satisfactory. Finally, a couple of weeks before the album was due to be finished, the band thought of having a female singer "wail" over the music.

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The Pink Ranger is a designation given to one member in most Power Rangers teams. They are usually the voices of reason in their teams, and they also receive the most candid weapons. Unlike Yellow Rangers in every Power Rangers and Super Sentai series, the Pink Ranger is always female except Daniel O'Halloran from the comics , and their spandex suits almost always have skirts as well with the only known exception being Power Rangers S. They also often pilot zords that have very little pink; they're normally white with a pink trim. And no Pink Ranger has been featured as the only female of her team Shelby was temporary the only female in the group until Kendall becomes a ranger , though Kimberly Hart, Kendrix Morgan and Karone, Dana Mitchell, Jen Scotts and Amelia Jones' respective counterparts are the only female members of their respective teams.
She is shown to be strongly affected by her emotions, such as when her undeserving ex-boyfriend, Warner Huntington III broke up with her, a dick move if you ask me, and she attempted to win him back by attending his college, Harvard Law and when the lecherous Professor Callahan hired her as an intern only to make a sexual advance on her, leading her to believe that she was not a good lawyer after all until Emmett Richmond stopped her just in time from leaving. Elle is a girly, energetic, sweet, and thoughtful and persistent young woman. She loves the color pink along with her dog Bruiser. Although people don't take her seriously and she can be quite ditzy at times, Elle has genius-level intellect and is cunning, aside from witty and open. Even so, she is very humble, recognizing her strength when needed but not making others feel inferior.
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