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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Mother tongue means it is the language first learned by a child or one's native language rather a parent language and passed from one generation to the next. It is the language community of the mother tongue , the language spoken in a region, which enables the process of acculturation, the growing of an individual into a particular system of linguistic perception of the world and participation in the centuries old history of linguistic production. Actually the general usage of the term ' mother tongue ' denotes not only the language one learns from one's mother , but also the speaker's dominant and home language, i.
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In some countries, the term native language or mother tongue refers to the language of one's ethnic group rather than one's first language. Children growing up in bilingual homes can, according to this definition, have more than one mother tongue or native language. The first language of a child is part of that child's personal, social and cultural identity. Research suggests that while a non-native speaker may develop fluency in a targeted language after about two years of immersion, it can take between five and seven years for that child to be on the same working level as their native speaking counterparts [ citation needed ]. One of the more widely accepted definitions of native speakers is that they were born in a particular country and raised to speak the language of that country during the critical period of their development. That is achieved by personal interaction with the language and speakers of the language. Native speakers will not necessarily be knowledgeable about every grammatical rule of the language, but they will have good "intuition" of the rules through their experience with the language.
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“Learning mother tongue solves identity crisis”

Rutu Foundation. Mother tongue education refers to any form of schooling that makes use of the language or languages that children are most familiar with. This is usually the language that children speak at home with their family. Children can and often do speak more than one or even two languages at home. For example, they may speak one language with their mother, another with their father and a third with their grandparents.
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Mother tongue is the first language we acquire naturally. The language of our mother is more important than anything else. Language is a natural phenomenon. A child after its birth hears the language of his parents.
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