Disney movies with gay characters

Its movies reinvented fairy tales and stories from legend and literature. As one of the top companies in its field, fans, critics and the public look to Disney for leadership, examine the themes in its movies and praise or criticize the company for how it reflects the world. Following the times, and in a few cases leading them, Disney has had characters in its films that audiences have perceived to be part of the queer community. Some of these depictions have been more forward than others.
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Disney's Long, Complicated History with Queer Characters

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Disney Announces 'Princes,' First Film with Openly Gay Characters.

It's happened over and over, a man and woman falling in love, but Disney has started to change that, particularly the man and woman aspect. Unfortunately, not every aspect of the LGBT community will be able to be represented due to a lack of characters within the Disney canon. Hopefully in the future there were be more representation within the company. Viewers may not remember the gay prince from The Princess Diaries 2 , and maybe that's because we don't actually get to see him in person. While Princess Mia is looking through pictures of potential suitors, she comes across a man named Antoine who plays the harp. She says he's cute, and Joe replies, "His boyfriend thinks he's handsome also. Good to know Genovia's stance on homosexuality is a positive one!
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Onward’s openly gay character still leaves Disney miles behind its competitors

Although the Disney corporation may have its faults, it seems the magical kingdom and the LGBT community are seemingly on the same page, with the company being the first to extend healthcare benefits to homosexual couples, as well as hosting regular gay pride events throughout Disney World. In fact, Disney is so open to LGBT audiences, that a number of queer theorists have used the Disney canon as a way of queer reading characters. Plus, with such a large selection to choose from, it seems only obvious, especially with regards to the number of interesting and complex characters that are churned out each year by the Disney corporation.
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We've come a long way in terms of representation from the beginning up until now. Our favorite is the new Disney short Out because it's the heartwarming story of a man with a little help from a magical rainbow disco dog and cat finally overcoming his fear and coming out to his parents. Greg's life is full of love and he's just about to make a move to the big city with his boyfriend.
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