Painful ingrown hairs around vagina

If you choose to remove the hair around your bikini line, it can be a huge pain literally. Ingrown hairs are a common side effect of hair removal, and because the hair in the pubic zone is usually thicker and curlier than hair on the rest of your body, it has a tendency to turn back into the skin when growing. Your body reacts to this by producing a red painful bump that usually looks like a pimple. Meet the Expert. Shaving is one of the go-to methods for this zone because it's quick and easy. Hair naturally has a tapered edge, meaning the hair gradually decreases in its thickness toward the end like the shape of a blade of grass or sword.
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6 Bumps on Vagina Causes - Why Do I Have Bumps on My Vagina?

Ingrown hairs, especially near your vagina, are the absolute worst. They're pesky, annoying, and sometimes even nerve-racking right?! But let's rewind for one sec to clarify something: While many people refer to and search for this issue using language a la "ingrown hairs on the vagina," they're actually referring to the skin around the vagina, which is technically the vulva, or the outer area of your genitals. Reminder: The vagina is the internal organ, and you don't have hair follicles up in there. But on the vulva , ingrown hair bumps are often mistaken for something else think: warts, boils, and even herpes. Sinai School of Medicine, says many of her patients panic when they see ingrown hairs developing below the belt.
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How to Properly Treat an Ingrown Hair Down There

An ingrown hair cyst can be deep and painful in areas with hair such as the bikinis, thighs, neck, face and armpits. When infected, they can become abscesses or boils. Here are pictures, removal procedure, treatment for infected cysts and how to get rid of ingrown hair follicle cysts naturally.
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Google, issues with your lady parts probably tops your list of whys. Still, we know you might still be tempted to do a little digging while you wait for your appointment to arrive, of course , so here are some common reasons you may have a lump or bump on your vagina. This is one of the most common causes for bumps on the genital region.
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