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The CEAO is currently involved in two particular tasks:

  • The archive and catalogue of folktales of the oral tradition, now mostly achieved. Research started in 1997 and was carried out with support from JNICT ("Catalogue and Archive of Portuguese Folktales”); from FCT ("Archive and Catalogue of Portuguese Folktales and Folk Ballads ") and from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. These projects resulted in the Archive of Portuguese Folktales, in the Catalogue of Portuguese Folktales (published in English). A version of the Catalogue in Portuguese is now underway.
  • An electronic archive of legends or belief stories with a database has started in November 2007, with the support of FCT (“Archive and Catalogue of Portuguese Legends” PTDC ELT 65673 /2006).

Fieldwork - the vital source of our work – is encouraged. It is a must in research carried out by students.

A project is under way for digitalizing all the audio materials precariously kept in tapes, as well as paper texts concerning folktales and legends.

We are selecting and compiling materials envisaging a way to offer an abbreviation of the Catalogue of Portuguese Folktales in this internet site, together with a significant show of Portuguese folktales, published and unpublished.

We are now fully involved in archival and research work connected with legends, collected from publications and field work – the project which will occupy the CEAO until the end of 2010.

We are also preparing an international seminar on belief tales, to discuss the results of the work carried out outline directions for what comes next.

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