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CEAO is now developing the project for an “Archive of Portuguese Legends”, started in November 2007. We will begin with three particular areas.

Lendas Sagradas

Those legends that develop within the official religion of a community, Catholic in Portugal: apparitions, miracles, punishments... a holy image that states a particular wish by “running away” from where it was supposed to stay ...

Lendas de mouras encantadas

Legends of enchanted mouras (Moorish women) and their treasure, a cluster of belief tales with the most varied origins: mouras who appear at St. John’s Eve, inviting the brave to dare free them of their enchantment, mouras who love milk, who want to lick away one’s baptismal oils with a kiss, mouras as snakes in springs and in caves, voices heard singing, crying, noises of weaving on a loom, beneath a boulder... the underground world where a woman can be taken to help a moura deliver a baby, enchantments doubled, gold that turns into charcoal, figs that were gold after all... cows vanishing during the day to be milked by the Moors...

Lendas "Urbanas"

Urban or Modern legends: maybe yes, maybe no, but they surely are alive today: the hitchhiker who turns out to be a ghost... an encounter from which a friend woke up with a missing kidney... the grateful terrorist who gives advice that will save one’s life...
Should you like to help in this project, please get in touch, we will be very happy to tell you how. Your help is very valuable to us!



In the CEAO we have developed during a three year project an online database accessible at www.lendarium.org. It encompasses about 1500Portuguese legends which are grouped in subgenres.  They are easily accessible, through keywords, titles, localities and so on.

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