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In 1997 the Centre of Studies Ataide Oliveira (CEAO ) undertook the task of archiving. classifying and cataloguing Portuguese folktales. This has been achieved with the support JNICT ("Archive and Catalogue of Portuguese Folktales", Praxis/2/2.1/CSHI709/95, between 1997 and 2000) and the FCT (Foundation for Science and Technology: Sapiens. "Archive of Folklales and Folk Ballads of the Oral Tradition". POCTI 19997ELT 341331/2000, between 2001 and 2004).

The Archive of Portuguese Folktales (APFT)

CEAO has a physical archive of about eight thousand records of published and unpublished Portuguese folktales, according to the classification numbers of the Aame and Thompson international catalogue. The archive is backed up by a database with the identification of all the archived folktales. A digitalised version of all the texts in the archive is under way.

The Catalogue

Other activities related to the Archive

  • Classification of the published collections.
    The CEAO has volunteered to classify and annotate the folktale publications requested by their authors, such as, in the Algarve, the two volumes of the Memória Tradicional de Vale Judeu and the single volume of Memória Tradicional de Loulé.
  • Transcriptions
    One of the more frequent tasks of archiving at the CEAO is the transcription of folktales and their revision, from tapes of collections from various origins, namely those carried out by the students of the University of the Algarve who read in the subjects of Oral Literature in their graduation or M.A degree.
    The most notable transcription that has been taking place is that of the folktale material of the legacy of the American Joanne Purcell, collected in the Azores in 1969-1970. Such is the extent of this collection that twenty tapes have been transcribed from just one narrator in the island of Flores, material that was
  • Services
    Many students, researchers and story-tellers have visited and consulted the CEAO Archive of Portuguese Folktales. We expect to make it available on the Web in abridged form.

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Samples of portuguese folktales contained in the digital archive

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