A Timely Answer

A peasant, looking for a merchant’s store, walked into a banking establishment by mistake. Looking round it he couldn’t see any cloth or hats or shoes or any other saleable item on the desks and he was at a loss and asked in a loud voice:

 “What the devil do you sell in here?”

The bank clerk, who had a very high opinion of his importance to society, was annoyed by the peasant’s attitude and answered haughtily:

 “We deal in assets, sir.”

 “What’s that you say?” the peasant asked him.

 “I said: we deal in assets, sir.”

 “Well you must be doing very good business then,” the peasant said, “because the only ass head I can see in here is the one on your shoulders.”

And with these words he walked out again.


RPQ19426, Oliveira 1905 II, 496-497, #426, Uma resposta a tempo [A Timely Answer]. Algarve, Algoz. [1905].

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